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Safest Choice Learning Collaborative 2023-2024

FASD ECHO Training    Boston Medical Center/PROOF Alliance

For health centers serving prenatal through adolescent patients

Recruitment for February 2024 Prenatal Cohort is now closed. Check here for future training.


Alcohol use during pregnancy is the leading preventable cause of birth defects and neurodevelopmental problems in the U.S. The SAFEST Choice Learning Collaborative, a partnership between Boston Medical Center and Proof Alliance, aims to reduce prenatal alcohol exposure and improve outcomes in children with a suspected or diagnosed FASD.

Since 2021, we have trained approximately 40 clinics from 9 states using virtual education to engage healthcare teams in the Northeast and the Upper Midwest.

Costs of participation are covered through a cooperative agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Clinics will participate in Prenatal and/or Pediatric trainings.

  • The Prenatal trainings cover screening and counseling about the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy.

  • The Pediatric trainings cover identification and care of children and adolescents with a suspected or diagnosed FASD.

By becoming a SAFEST Choice Learning Collaborative participant, each health center will receive:

  •  Free continuing education credits (physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, certified counselors) and MOC Part 2 credits

     (some of the content can be used to fulfill the new DEA substance use  disorder training requirement)

  •  Access to a diverse, interprofessional team of national experts in the fields of FASDs, addiction, maternal medicine, developmental pediatrics, and more (

  • A health center stipend

The Pediatric training ran from September 2023 to January 2024.

Prenatal training started February 2024, completing June 2024.

  • Health centers may participate in one or both trainings.

  • Each session will provide a brief lecture by experts, case-based learning and collaborative problem-solving.

  • Participating clinics are encouraged to invite all appropriate clinic staff who will be involved in implementation of FASD prevention and care including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, other medical personnel, behavioral health staff, and paraprofessionals such as community health and outreach workers.

  • No minimum number of annual prenatal or pediatric patients required

  • No clinical data reporting is required by participating clinics



     Thank you, Dr. Goodwin!

Watch here:  Previous Maine Provider Participants share their experience(minute 34:45)

BMC explains the SAFEST Choice approach (minute 17:20) 



More Information 

Why we need a  "SAFEST Choice"   

Data on effects of alcohol use in Maine

Feedback from participants in SAFEST Choice Learning Collaborative

“Alcohol use and pregnancy is pervasive, and SAFEST Choice empowered me to promote positive changes in my pregnant patients. Knowing about the problem of prenatal alcohol exposure is important, but SAFEST Choice went beyond the epidemiology and taught me various skills to effectively engage with my patients surrounding the theme of prenatal alcohol use.”

“…more information [and] more substantive than expected…very glad we signed up.”

“I enjoyed the case presentations from my peers, which helped me feel less alone in the challenges of my practice.”

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