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Stars for Starla 

Stars for Starla recognizes that youth with FASD need positive, hopeful messages to counter the negative messages that many youth with FASD unfortunately receive throughout their lives as a result of either a lack of accommodations, or understanding of their disability. When awards or commendations are handed out, either through school, sports, or other groups, their incredible efforts of doing their best to navigate a system not set up for them can often go unnoticed.

Starla was a child with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), who during her short life, felt that the stigma associated with FASD needed to stop. A powerful self-advocate, Starla wanted everyone in her community educated about FASD and how best to support people living with it. While Starla did face challenges associated with her disability, she had many strengths, such as a love of writing stories, singing, and dancing.

Starla’s legacy is to recognize youth with FASD for their unique strengths and victories by celebrating their “wins”, no matter what they are.

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Issuing an Award

Youth with an FASD can be nominated by anyone in the community, and FASD United will provide a beautiful certificate recognizing their strength or accomplishment, no matter how large or small, mailed to you or their trusted adult for delivery to them. 

Nominating a youth for a Star Award is as easy as going to this page.

Please note that out of an abundance of caution and our desire to protect all youth, please use first names only for the award. The award will be shipped to you with a letter and the certificate for the youth you nominate, spelling out their strength or accomplishment.

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